Information (Eng)

Set up of the programme

In the first three weeks you will attend classes on Windesheim campus, location Zwolle. One of these classes focusses on intercultural competences (Windesheim Intercultural Skills Explorer). Previous to this you will participate in an Intercultural Readiness Check. Besides this, other classes include conflict management, sustainable development goals, security wise, project management, health in the tropics, perception, teambuilding en several country meetings.

After three weeks of lectures you will go abroad. In some cases you will travel with your country coordinator, in other cases you travel on your own and will be welcomed by the local project coordinator as you arrive. In that case your country coordinator will visit at some point during your stay. Once you’ve settled in you start with the implementation of the project. The objectives of the project are:  

  • Actively contributing to sustainable development;
  • Learning to execute projects in an intercultural and multidisciplinary way;
  • Researching aspects that are important for the continuation of the project;
  • Getting a broader perspective on the world and distribution in the world;
  • Learning to apply professional competences in a different context.

Back in The Netherlands

After about four months you will return back to The Netherlands and your project is completed. You will have one day of report back in which your essay and vlog will be assessed. You will also make sure all relevant information regarding the project is properly handed over to lecturers en students who will follow up on the project.


The programme is divided up into the following credits:

  1. international orientation (10 ects)
  2. International project management (10 ects)
  3. personal and professional development (10 etc)

About us

Windesheim UAS started the International Sustainable Development programme in 2008 out of the desire to work with partners in a multidisciplinary setting in which sustainability is the leading element. All projects are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals as stated by the United Nations in 2015. 

In 2008 we started with three countries (Ethiopia, Zambia and Suriname). In the past few years several countries have been added to this, but we’ve also lost some countries depending on each specific situation and project.

Each country has its own ‘country coordinator’. This person is responsible for the projects in the assigned country and will visit the project and students each semester.  The country coordinator is also the first contact for housing and calamities.

Besides supervision by the country coordinator, students will also be supervised by a lecturer of their own educational programme. Students from outside of Windesheim UAS will be assigned to one specific Windesheim lecturer.

Latest News

Update 30 March 2020

Due to the recent developments and uncertainties concerning COVID-19, Windesheim UAS has decided there won’t be any activities abroad in the first semester of 2020-2021. For us this means we will not be offering the ISD programme in the autumn semester (start September2020).

Recent news updates have let us know that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and unpredictably. Due to the unknowns and the unpredictability of this virus, we cannot yet foresee when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will allow traveling abroad again. We do not want to put our students in a position where they make costs for tickets, visa, vaccinations, insurance, etc. that end up being all for nothing.  

We expect to be able to travel to our projects again in the second semester, starting February 2021. For the latest updates, keep an eye on this website!

Students outside of Windesheim UAS, will be able to apply again this autumn through Kies Op Maat. For more information on how to apply, go to

Update 19 March 2020

Due to the crisis around COVID-19 we have had to repatriate all our ISD students. Students will be able to work on their projects at home, while in close online contact with their project managers. As of now, we expect to be able to visit the projects again with a new group is students this coming September. We will of course seek the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local project owners on this.

Because of the decision made by the government that all universities should stay closed until at least April 1st, all information sessions are cancelled. Pay attention to the latest updates on this website in regards to new scheduled information sessions. More information about the projects can also be found on this website or contact the country coordinator (check out ‘over ons’ for an overview of the coordinators). For general questions you can also email

New project land: Panama

As of March 12th 2020 Panama has been added to the list of ISD project countries. The projects in Panama are all related to the environment and will involve themes like waste, plastic recycling, education and awareness. Projects are located on the Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro.


Working on a project overseas is not always without any risk. The partners we work with are reliable and carefully chosen. Our partners know the local situation like no other and all provide safe housing for our students. The circumstances of each country and the area where the project is located, are constantly monitored and reassessed. The International Office at Windesheim UAS remains in close contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies.

Prior to your departure you and your network (parents and/or partner) will attend a so called safety meeting. During this meeting we will discuss safety, safety protocols and agreements concerning this. You will also write a safety plan with your fellow students as part of the classes you attend, before you leave for your project. Other subjects during these classes are ‘health in the tropics’ and ‘security wise’.

Before you go overseas we will register your contact details and your ice contacts.

Despite all of these precautions, it can be that something unforeseen happens, like; robbery, illness or a calamity. When this occurs, it is important to report this to your country coordinator immediately. If you are not able to do so yourself, your fellow students will need to do this. Windesheim UAS will then contact the local organization and take further action towards those involved, i.e. management, parents, colleagues and Windesheim’s International Office.  

The advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is always leading in the decisions we make. This means that whenever there is a negative advice concerning travelling to a certain country, we strictly cancel all planned travel to that country. Besides that, Windesheim UAS uses a list of countries that allow travelling only after special permission. The countries on this list are regularly updated according to the most recent, local situations.

Current ISD countries are marked as safe countries, with the remark that some of them have regions where caution is advised.